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1977 - 2015

We unforuntately lost Josh in March of 2015.

Josh was able to record on the 1920 Casavant organ in Mahtomedi in Minnesota this past February of 2015.

Currently, Steve at Real-to-Reel is reviewing Josh's recording.  If Steve can remaster Josh's recordings (something we all know Josh would have wanted), my goal is to produce his final work; this 1/3 of the Tritan CD.  This was Josh's passion.  It is my greatest wish that his last dream carry on and his supporters to be able to purchase and enjoy his last, most powerful masterpiece.

Below, you will find Josh's final post to his website.  I miss him more than words can convey, and I am confident that others who followed his passion will miss him as well.

- Marylynn Perschbacher

The Triton 1/3 CD Is

Now Available!

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     Its a new year and time to make a new CD!  This one is going to be even bigger than the last one.  Its going to a triple album titled "Tritan"!!! One program recorded at the Walt Disney Concert Hall organ.  Recorded again on the great symphonic 1920 Casavant organ in Mahtomedi MN. And the third disc is a mix of the two organs in the same space playing head to head.  People often tell me they listen to my albums over and over again so I decided to give everyone a little something different in the repetition.  They get to hear the same music two times, on different organs, and a mix of the two. Making a Triple CD!

     The disc contents will be "The Mission theme" from NBC news by John Williams.  "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's Carmina Burnana. Ture Rangstrom's 3rth Symphony.  Cesar Frank's "Le Chasseur Maudit (The Accursed Huntsman), A special piece for this album by composer Dennis Bathory-Kitsz; "Wonder and Astonishment" which is three pieces in  one!, and Sergie Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, narrated by the radio voice the organ, Michael Barone.

     In order to make this album I of course need money, and lots of it.  So I require YOU the listener to buy the CD before its made so that I can make it.  In addition there will be $100.00 seats sold in both venues during the recording. Three days in Minnesota and two days in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I will give exact dates when I have them. For $500 dollars you'll get a producer credit in the CD liner notes in addition to the seats.  So that you to can have your name in print; helping to make this album be made. For $1000.00 you will get executive producer credit, seats during the recording, and a seat in the final audio mastering session (here in Atlanta) where you will get to have input in the final sound of the CD.

     $8,476.00 is the tentative estimate for the budget for everything: Cost of renting the Walt Disney Concert Hall, my travel expenses to and from both of these places (including gas and motel rooms along the way), audio mastering, and CD production. This page will be updated daily with the first name and first letter of last name of the people participating.



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